Current Market Trends

There are several significant market trends currently prevalent in the United States, which are prompting enormous migration of wealth.  These trends include (1) companies / jobs moving from high-tax to low-tax states, (2) the American middle-class moving from cities/states with high cost of living (ex. New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco) to more affordable cities (ex. Austin, […]

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8 Reasons Why Land Tax Should Replace All Other State Taxes

Land taxation should replace all other forms of state taxation.  For the reasons that I will describe below many economists, tax theorists, politicians, and philosophers have strongly advocated for land taxation to be the dominant or sole source of taxation.  Adam Smith, Henry George, Alfred Marshall, Paul Samuelson, Milton Friedman, Michael Hudson, Paul Krugman, […]

10 Simple Rules to Invest in Anything

1. Your money should work for you, not you for your money.  Early on, you will likely work to save enough money to invest, but your goal should be to have your money work for you. For each dollar you save, your goal should be to put that money to work in an investment […]

Tech Makes Up 50% of Austin Corporate Office Activity

Due to its large number of educational institutions and startup capital providers, Austin has won accolades for being the one of the best cities for entrepreneurs. Not only are tech startups springing up at a brisk pace, but “Silicon Hills”, as locals call the Austin tech scene is also attracting many corporate relocations and […]

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Why Smart Money is Investing in “Cities of Aspiration”

Several trends are occurring as a result of the economic restructuring and impact of technology on virtually every type of business. One of the major trends is that increasingly middle class Americans are finding it difficult being able to afford living in “Superstar Cities” like San Francisco, New York City, Chicago, and Boston and […]

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Wrong Way Nation: Why People Are Moving From Bigger Cities

By Paul Krugman

One of these cities is the place those of us who live in its orbit tend to call simply “the city.” And, these days, it’s a place that’s doing pretty well on a number of fronts. But despite the inflow of immigrants and hipsters, enough people are still moving out […]

Internation Home Buying Activity in 2014

The number of international buyers snatching up existing homes in the U.S. is up from last year, according to a recent NAR survey. Why?

Here’s a recent report by the Real Estate Center at Texas AM University:


Secret To Increasing Your Investment Return: Treat Tenants As Customers

“I’d like to make some passive investments. Maybe I should invest in real estate?”

If you are like me, I’m sure friends have told you that real estate is a passive investment. Robert Kiyosaki and others on the real estate investment seminar cycle have worked hard to market this myth.

Yes, it’s […]

How To Identify The Best Tenants

Whether you’re investing in residential, office, or industrial real estate, one of the most important things you or your property manager will do will be selecting your tenants. The quality of your tenant can have a tremendous impact on your properties value. Consider owning a building where you’re able to attract […]