Welcome To Alegrìa Capital Management

Alegria Capital Management is a private investment management company that manages investments in real estate nationwide.  Our goal is to provide superior risk-adjusted returns by investing in apartments, single family homes, mobile home parks and other residential assets that generate high levels of income, provide significant capital appreciation potential, capital preservation and inflation protection.

Based in San Francisco, Alegria Capital Management’s senior management has over 20 years of investment management and real estate experience with a total of 2.5M Sq/Ft of property that has been stabilized. The team provides an integrated approach to real estate investment, property management, and asset disposition.

Who is ACM?

We attribute our success as a real estate operator to the following five elements:

  • Visionary leadership: Our leadership values openness, imagination, persistence, and conviction and we employ and partner with individuals who exemplify these qualities.
  • Low long-term capital costs: We do everything possible to minimize our long-term capital costs.
  • Low overhead: We maintain an efficient and flat organization and constantly look for other ways to minimize overhead costs.
  • Enhanced revenue opportunities: We constantly look for ways to enhance or create new sources of revenue.
  • Successful risk management: We thoroughly understand the risks involved in our business and continually enhance our systems and processes to manage and minimize these risks.
Why Real Estate?
Our Company Mission
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