Investment Management

With over two decades of real estate investment management experience, the principals of Alegrìa Capital Management can be trusted to help grow your real estate wealth. We believe that extensive market research, effective risk management, sound judgment, and diligent management of expenses combine to generate the best investment results. Over the last twelve years we have developed and fine-tuned a total return strategy that helps us acquire investments and optimize both income generation and price appreciation potential.

To forecast our ability to generate income in a given market we evaluate price-to-rent ratios, average housing price, average market rents, average rent growth, property expenses, and many other variables.

To forecast price appreciation we consider market cycles, industry/job diversification, potential for economic expansion, job growth, population growth, business climate, business incentives, economic trends, population migration, quality of neighborhood, quality of construction, path of growth, and many other variables.

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Asset Management

The principals of Alegrìa Capital Management have managed real estate assets on both coasts and everywhere in between.  Our principals have held senior asset manager roles at some of the top real estate firms in the country.

Property Management

Our property management systems, processes, and approach enables us to maximizing cash flow for our investors.

Over the last two decades we have developed a process and approach to efficiently attract and retain the best quality tenants, manage turnover costs and effectively deal with problems when they occur.  The process starts when we strategically acquire properties that we can efficiently manage and that, we believe, will attract great tenants.

The process continues with careful tenant selection and our local teams providing ongoing, continuous attention to ensure the home is well taken care of and our residents are happy in the home they have selected.

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Get Better Results

The principals of Alegria Capital Management have over twenty years of combined experience generating above-market real estate investment returns for themselves and investors.

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Generate More Income

Alegria Capital Management invests with a primary focus on income and secondary on price appreciation. We’ve developed systems and processes to maximize income for our investors.

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Supercharge Your Retirement

No matter where you are in your career, the responsibility for building a secure retirement is yours. Fortunately, you can make decisions right now that will help provide the nest egg you’ll need to comfortably retire. Setting up and investing with a self-directed IRA is one way to potentially increase the returns and funds you will need to retire comfortably.

Most IRAs are typically invested in stocks, bonds and mutual funds. With a self-directed IRA from, as the name implies, you make the investment choices. The types of investments are almost limitless. With the self- directed IRA account, you use an independent administrator that handles the investment transactions which you dictate.

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