Targeting Investment Criteria

Alegria Capital Management targets value creation opportunities in the residential and multifamily sectors throughout the United States, particularly in markets where we believe future growth is expected.  We focus on markets that have below average cost of housing, strong population and job growth, and attractive price to rent ratios. Investments typically center on below market value or replacement cost assets with significant upside potential when value-added, capital improvements are completed and leasing or re-positioning plans are implemented.

We continuously conduct in-depth macroeconomics analysis and market research to identify additional asset classes, geographies and capital structures that we believe will outperform in the current economic environment. We are also flexible in our approach in analyzing the changing investment landscape and recognize themes and trends to adjust and implement appropriate and timely strategies.

Fundamental Value Approach

Alegria Capital Management pursues a very active, highly focused, fundamentally driven investment strategy to invest in assets that provide intrinsic, long-term value. This includes acquiring the appropriate assets at significant discounts to replacement or market value, improving these assets with capital infusion and active property management, generating improved cash flows through active leasing efforts, and developing innovative processes and systems that will further help us surpass our return targets. We properly position ourselves prior to investment through a disciplined investment approach and thoughtful underwriting and due diligence process. We only invest in asset types and locations we understand through experience and in situations where the firm’s expertise and relationships provide it a competitive advantage.

Active Asset Management

Alegria Capital Management combines detailed fundamental real estate analysis with deep in-house operational and financial expertise to source and execute on the best opportunities. This allows us to not only take advantage of current market cycles, but also stay ahead to trends and fully recognize future cycles and opportunities that arise. The firm believes that having in-house, specialized operating and management expertise is a critical element of its strategy. To this end, Alegria Capital Management has developed its own proprietary operating platforms Alegria Capital Management a competitive advantage in identifying value, driving operating performance and working seamlessly with local operating partners.