There are several significant market trends currently prevalent in the United States, which are prompting enormous migration of wealth.  These trends include (1) companies / jobs moving from high-tax to low-tax states, (2) the American middle-class moving from cities/states with high cost of living (ex. New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco) to more affordable cities (ex. Austin, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Denver) that provide lower cost housing, and (3) people moving to more attractive climates (generally south and west).

1. Here are the top 46 states ranked by forecasted population growth percentage from 2000 to 2030 by the U.S. Census Bureau:

Top 46 Markets Ranked by Population Percentage Growth from 2000 to 2030

2.Current Market Cycle

(A) Market Cycles Explained:
(Source: Market Cycle Monitor Report by Dr.Glenn Mueller)


Market Cycles Explained

(B) Current Market Cycle
(Source: Market Cycle Monitor Report by Dr.Glenn Mueller)
Current Market Cycle

3. Population Migration & State Tax Rates:
Population Migration & State Tax Rates

4. United Van Lines: Where Americans Are Moving
Where Americans Are Moving

5. Forecasted High-Speed Rail Map (2050)

Forecasted High-Speed Rail Map (2050)\

6. Forecasted Mega-Regions (2050)

Forecasted Mega-Regions (2050)

7. America 2050 Predictions
America 2050

• Increased Population. The population will grow by 100 million to 440 million by 2050.

• More Diverse. Whites will no longer be in the majority. Immigrants will play a leading role in our economy.

• Rise of “Superstar Cities”. “Superstar Cities” like San Francisco, Boston,
Manhattan and western Los Angeles—places adapted to business and
recreation for the elite and those who work for them.

• Growth of “Cities of Aspiration”. The middle class will relocate to “Cities
of Aspiration” such as Phoenix, Houston, Dallas, Atlanta and Charlotte, cities that are more spread out.

• Growing Suburbia. Suburbia will continue to be a mainstay of American
life. One in four will work from home full or part time. Internet,
smart phones, video conferencing and other communication
technologies will allow more people to work from home.

• Growth of “Flyover Country”. Migration of technology
companies, business services and manufacturing firms to the
heartland is likely to accelerate.

• Completion of Nationwide High-Speed Rail System.
Will increase links between intercity, regional, and local rail
networks and enhance mobility options for 440 million