investment management

10 Simple Rules to Invest in Anything

1. Your money should work for you, not you for your money.  Early on, you will likely work to save enough money to invest, but your goal should be to have your money work for you. For each dollar you save, your goal should be to put that money to work in an investment […]

Why The Rich Get Richer & How You Can Too

“That one’s owned by a California investor. That one…an investor friend of mine from Chicago…That’s a 150 unit owned by a Florida investor group.”… While touring multifamily properties with a real estate broker in Dallas a few years ago, I realized why the rich get richer.

The area we were touring was full of properties […]

Secret To Increasing Your Investment Return: Treat Tenants As Customers

“I’d like to make some passive investments. Maybe I should invest in real estate?”

If you are like me, I’m sure friends have told you that real estate is a passive investment. Robert Kiyosaki and others on the real estate investment seminar cycle have worked hard to market this myth.

Yes, it’s […]

Want To Retire With $1 Million? Here’s How Much You Need to Save

All through our working lives, we are barraged with reminders that, if we don’t save enough for retirement, we’ll be hosed. What we don’t often get are specific instructions about how much we should be saving. The simple answer is: More than we think. Andy Kiersz of Business Insider put together this simple chart […]